• Java & Linda -- Obedience Certification
  • Bella Training on Apparatus
  • Ginger in Socialization Training
  • Tiaira in Training
  • Tiaira in CGC Training
  • Tiaira learns Sit/Stay
  • Tiaira -- CGC Certification
  • Max being Groomed

Dianna wrote:
Our whole family has been comforted seeing the ways of Debi. Debi explained all that she does to make us aware of her procedures and asked our requests. She delivered all of that and more!
We have an elderly dog and an adolescent. She was very obviously intuitive to both of their needs. For our elderly girl she was patient and thorough due to her having accidents. For our boy her patients are paramount as he tends to chew and destroy any bedding. For both Debi has gone above and beyond.
She followed up daily with pictures (videos) and comments that revealed how content and truly peaceful they were feeling. When we returned they were not stressed and hyper as you may expect after returning home.
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